Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shining star

I was running down the lane
With the only thought in my mind
Of hugging her.

I was running down the lane
With the only thought in my mind
Of yelling at her,in joy.

But, it wasn't too late
Before I realized
What it is like
When she isn't beside.

Times come and go
And I find myself in woe
But I shall never give up and cry
Until the very day I die.

No matter how near or far,
I'm always a shining star
For in the heart of a mother,
Her child is always the brightest star.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What does it take?

A beautiful smile
So sweetly given

A wish of well being
Not selfishly driven

It is purity there
Like a breath of fresh air
Of the heart deeply touched

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The first time I whistled...

I got my Voter ID.
Will be casting my vote for the first time. Never was I so excited in knowing 'Who-is-what','The King' & 'The King makers'.
When to make a choice, I was too skeptical about whom to vote. So, started following special coverages on news channels. It wasn't too shocking to see how few news papers blatantly wrote supporting their stance.With heated up conversations & the astonishing affidavits submitted by the candidatures, I could see through them the facts.

On the final day, with most men in white shirts & women clad in their best, it was more like a national festival. Once for all, everything seemed so lively.

Decided to keep my choice unrevealed, I joined a group of fair acquaintance near the polling booth.
They were sharing their views on why one should go for car,cycle or give hand a chance. It was my turn & I remained silent. They looked curious.
A shop keeper, having known me from years,smiling broadly, said ' I know'! And others seconded him.Everybody seemed to know!

Not finding my serial number there, taken aback, moved to the next counter. Went from one counter to the other in every nook and corner I thought I would find my number.

I returned to the first counter for the 228th time that day to check the list, in vain. Disappointed ; was back home.

With myriad thoughts meandering in mind, I became more restless and was rummaging through news papers to find any assistance. And then...there it was! A small column. It read :

SMS XXXXX to find your nearest polling station.

In the minute followed, I was at the counter to get my nail inked.Voted for my choice, deliriously happy I was, for giving my voice.

There, amidst the growing cacophony, I did whistle!

*Car,Cycle,Hand,Whistle* - Election symbols of political parties

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hero of the hidden leaf

Am missing now
Some one I never knew

Am missing now
Some place I may never be

In this forlorn of hope
I always knew
This is because of you

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ever since I stumbled upon this song of Britney Spears, am kinda addicted to it. I have a special liking for its lyrics.

  "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"

                                              I used to think, I had the answers to everything,
                                                              But now I know, life doesn't always go my way
                                                     Feels like I'm caught in the middle, That's when I realize
                                                                       I'm not a girl, Not yet a woman.
                                                           All I need is time, A moment that is mine,
                                                                              While I'm in between

                                                           I'm not a girl, There is no need to protect me
                                                   It's time that I learn to face up to this on my own
                                                       I've seen so much more than you know now
                                                                    So don't tell me to shut my eyes.

                                                                        But if you look at me closely, 
                                                                              You will see it in my eyes.
                                                                     This girl will always find her way

                                                                                       I'm not a girl
                                                             I'm not a girl, don't tell me what to believe
                                                                                  Not yet a woman
                                                                   I'm just trying to find the woman in me

                                                               All I need is time, A moment that is mine,
                                                                                While I'm in between
                                                                     I'm not a girl, Not yet a woman.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A different exam

I was waiting in the bus bay.
It was my first exam as a scribe assisting the students in taking their intermediate pre-finals. Commuting all way by bus, I finally reached Sai Junior College for visually challenged. I was informed that as the students dictate, we pen down. I met my other friend scribes and we were eagerly waiting.

We entered the classroom and sat in benches randomly. I struck the conversation with the boy to whom I was assisting by introducing myself. He received me warmly and spoke about himself,family background,life in the college. Due to some weakness in eyes, his vision blurred at the age of 10. He said he will be a software engineer though he isn't aware of how a computer looks like!

Our conversation ended as the teacher entered. Answer scripts and question papers were distributed. It was Economics paper.She read aloud the question paper herself.

 I then, turned to the boy.
 Me: Which section are you comfortable to start with?
 Boy : No reply 

 Thinking that he hadn't followed, I repeated the questions for him.

 Me: Which section? Essay, short, very short?
 Boy: No reply
 Time was running.
 Me: Fast, which section?
 Boy: ...

I was dumbstruck! It was clear.He knows not a single answer.

I didn't know what to do. Turned to my friends.Everyone exchanged 'what-do-we-do-now?' looks.

I silently looked at the question paper lying in front of me.
It was understood.
An epidemic outbreak of discussion followed from then.
Be it fiscal deficit and price elasticity, supply curve and subsidies to gross domestic product, tax exemptions and BPL to micro and macro economics, debentures and inflation, economic indicators and monetary policies to why demand curve has negative slope..we squeezed. We squeezed every drop of  knowledge.
Thanks to my engineering studies.We had 'Accounts and Economics' as part of our course study, the previous year.It did help.

We scribes  were so engrossed that the room vibrated with a kind of tension and melancholy faded finally!
The bell rang and we submitted the answer scripts.
Before leaving, the boy took my mobile number.Gathered outside, we decided to prepare from next time.

Walking home, I was thinking. Besides what happened, the very purpose of their having formal education is their window to the world outside. Our conversation bolstered my opinion.

Two weeks later, he put me a call.
"Akka, I got 56 for 100" in a joyous tone.
 I replied," I am happy for you, Aditya!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I made my day!

Of late, in the abyss of solitude I realized my yearning for writing. I fixed a date to start my blog.And it was 11.30 in the night. I couldn't wait but push myself to post. I finally am a blogger now!!
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